No matter how effective your online marketing is, there will always be a need for traditional marketing materials and programs. Due to Officite’s vast experience in the medical marketing, we have resources to provide you with traditional options you need to reach every patient and potential patient. Our brand marketing services include:


  • Logos
    Bring your practice to life with your own personalized logo! A practice logo allows your practice to stand out amoung the rest, and be the focal point for your patients—both new and current. Our designers are available to help you take the next step towards a well-rounded, successful business.

Logo Examples

  • Brochures
    We offer tri-fold brochures that match your practice’s website, With the aide of brochures you can further expand your patients’ knowledge of your services offered and important information about your practice.
  • Stationary
    Working on-on-one with a designer, we can design your practice’s own letterhead, and envelopes and business cards. Personalize stationary is designed to help your practice maintain a cohesive branded look
  • Office Banners
    We are excited to offer you indoor banners (25”x65”) that are full color to represent your practice. Each banner comes with an x-stand to help you prominently display your office banner for everyone to see.
  • Custom Print Marketing
    We want to help you get your name out there for your patients to see. Whether you need referral cards, note pads, appointment cards or any other service, we can help you. With out custom print marketing, we are available to help you expand your practice.
  • Neighborhood Mailers
    Reach out to members of your community through neighborhood mailers. These mailers are custom designed to match your website. You can select an offer, and the demographic and carrier routes to reach out to members of your neighborhood and surrounding communities. With a url to a custom landing page included, you can experience better tracking so you know what is working for your practice.
  • New Movers Mailers
    New people move into your neighborhood all the time, so why not take a personal approach to reach out to those who are new to your community? With New Movers Mailers you can send postcards to target new families in the neighborhood, and those who have moved within the last 6 months.